Pinata Fiesta Donut

Piñata Fiesta, from Jakks Pacific, is here to make every day a party

The new, adorable collection combines blind-box surprises with the fun of a celebration. 

Kids can choose from 12 different piñata designs, including unicorn, burro, pony, cupcake, ice cream, popcorn, rainbow, taco, watermelon, donut, birthday cake, and cookie. When kids pull the three strings, they will reveal all of the surprises from each compartment. Kids can open compartments one at a time or pull the middle string to make all of the goodies burst out at once. 

Each piñata is packed with three cute charms, a bracelet or a ring, stickers, and loose confetti. The 36 collectible charms come in six different party themes, including tropical and movie night. Kids can anticipate even more fun surprises in every upcoming series. 

Pinata Fiesta Cupcake

Piñata Fiesta promotes kids’ social interaction with collectible pieces they can trade with friends. It also helps to boost their social and emotional intelligence through imaginative play, making any normal day of play into a party. 

Kids — and parents — will appreciate its replay value, as they can refill the piñatas with their own goodies. The reusable boxes are durable enough to withstand several celebrations and reveals.