moose pikmi doughmi

I “doughnut” know about you, but I think doughnuts are the best sweet treat out there. And now, kids can cuddle and collect the indulgent sweet dessert.

Moose Toys adds to its Pikmi Pops range of collectible plush with the new Pikmi Pops Surprise! DoughMisDesigned to look like a delectable doughnut on the outside, the DoughMi’s inside is chock full of collectible, sweet-smelling, doughnut-themed goodies and surprises.

Available in an assortment of small, medium, and jumbo sizes, each plastic container resembles a decorated treat that is almost good enough to eat. Kids can open the plastic doughnut case to find a few blind packages inside, which reveal a scented doughnut plush and three additional surprises. Surprises include stickers, jewelry, keychains, notebooks, stickers, and more — just like every good doughnut is different, so are the surprises.

Because nothing is better than a filled jelly doughnut, each DoughMi includes a squishy Jelly Pikmi center. To discover, kids can press a finger through the sealed center of the doughnut case, and then crack to reveal the surprise jelly character inside. The common, rare, and ultra rare jellies include a bee, a kitten, a snail, a walrus, a zebra, and an elephant.

moose pikmi doughmi

DoughMi characters include a rhino, a ladybug, a hedgehog, a panda, a unicorn, and more for kids ages 5 and up to collect. Exclusive plush doughnuts come in special editions, including a Twinkle Sprinkles squish ’n rise character, which will return to its original shape after being squeezed, and a limited-edition glitzy glazed doughnut.

There are more than 40 doughnuts to collect across the DoughMis series with its variety of sizes, case designs, special editions, and different scents. The doughnut plush characters, in addition to cute decorations and a smiling face, all are scented sweetly. There are 10 sweet scents available such as, berry glaze, custard cream, strawberry jelly, and more.

Each doughnut plush includes a keychain that can be attached to it to take anywhere (and for kids to smell the sweet scents any time they want). Additionally, with an assortment of sizes, kids can create a colorful doughnut stack display to showcase each character and an overall aromatic collection.

Collectibles never tasted so sweet.