Don’t forget: Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday!

Turn up the stereo and kick off your weekend with “Daddy Daughter Day,” a Father’s Day anthem by hip-hop artists Pierce Freelon and J Gunn. The song is about two dads who treat their daughters to a day of self-care, fun, and exploration. Both artists lost their own fathers in the past year and the song also serves as a tribute to them.

In the music video for “Daddy Daughter Day,” the father/daughter duos showcase their own adventure visiting black-owned businesses around Durham, North Carolina, where Freelon is based. Ngozi Designs create the custom African-print, hand-sewn face masks; WonderPuff made the vegan, organic cotton candy; the tennis instruction came from Empact Tennis; and Blackspace provided the Afronauts tank top and the recording studio for the song.

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Freelon is releasing his first family music album D.a.D. on July 31. The musician uses a blend of hip-hop, jazz, and electronic music inspired by his journey as a black millennial dad living in the South. The album will be available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and anywhere families listen to music.

Check out the music video below!