Music is good for the soul and we can all use a little bit of pep in our step right now.

If you have preschoolers at home, Pianokids is ready to bring some music into their lives with a virtual piano program designed exclusively for that age group. The Pianokids preschool program gives families access to the company’s entire curriculum, including its lesson books.

Parents will receive interactive learning devices and fun activities to keep kids engaged and learning in different formats, including drawing, coloring, stories, flashcards, and more ways to teach kids about playing music.

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There are three levels of the Pianokids program available for purchase: the curriculum program only, the program plus a monthly piano studio subscription, and a donation option to help give access to kids who can not afford it. The subscription option includes a virtual teacher for each lesson in the curriculum, a Pianokids lesson book and music, a piano log that kids can use to earn prizes sent directly to their door, and interactive games for practice and fun.

Parents can pre-order the at-home piano program here.