We’ve all been there: Arriving home after a weekly grocery store trip, only to play a version of Tetris while you try to get your entire haul to fit in the fridge and close the door. All that practice has been a warm-up for this new game from Tomy that the whole family will love.

Designed for kids 4 and up, Phil the Fridge challenges two to four players to take turns filling Phil the refrigerator with their  colored foodie friends.

Before you can start unloading your groceries, Phil takes a little bit of set up, but it’s as easy as sticking stickers and adding a few batteries. 

Kids will love their new foody friends: Charlie Cheese gives some serious side-eye, Mike Mushroom is the “fun guy” of the group, Katie Ketchup sports some stylin’ specs, and then there is also Lisa Lemon, Babs Banana, and Billy Bread.

To begin, select Phil’s speed for play. The game comes with two modes: an easier nine seconds (II) and a more difficult six seconds (I). To play, each player should sit with their colored sticker on the base facing them. As Phil begins to rotate, start filling him up based on what side is currently in front of you and match your food items with the corresponding holes on the fridge siding that is facing you. Not only does the time limit make things difficult, but Phil occasionally will stop spinning, and whoever is left with his face sitting in front of you cannot add any items until he resumes moving. And, oh no! Phil’s fridge popped open and the food rolled out (who hasn’t been there before??) onto the floor! Retrieve your fallen pieces and begin trying to add them once more. To win, be the first player to get rid of all your food (AKA store all six items inside Phil).

The game is a good way for kids to learn to identify shapes and match colors in a fun foodie way. The whole family can come together and enjoy this game as everyone will try to defeat the spinning fridge and try to fill him up first.

Retailing at $19.99, Phil the Fridge brings a new meaning to playing with your food, and this is one type of food play of which Mom and Dad will actually approve.