Adventure awaits for kids who journey into the Pharoah’s Pyramid.

The newest Egyptian-inspired set, from Playmobil, features all the accessories, figures, and parts needed to transport kids to ancient adventures. Once built, the play set holds five different chambers that each add their own unique element.

For example, tucked deep into the side of the pyramid, kids can uncover a room full of the pharaoh’s jewels and golden treasures that overflow from baskets and sprawl all over the floor. Another hidden cove reveals skeletons and a skull left behind from centuries past. Those that venture up the stairs will enter the tomb chamber and marvel at a wall covered in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

As kids build this set, they’ll also unleash the many hidden secrets and mysteries that are tucked inside. When they venture through the pyramid with the included pharaoh or guards, they’ll have to watch out for the revolving door, which will change their course of path. Additionally, the trap door and rock trap will send them sliding down into the unknown.

Kids can even remove the blue sidings of the pyramid so that they can easily take each figure from one room to the next. The set also includes several different accessories to ensure that kids set the scene. For instance, each figure can clutch his or her own golden spear, rifle, or axe. Additionally, the hanging candlelight and torches will help the figures navigate through dark alleys. The creepy crawlers and slithering snake will also be sure to give any adventurer a fright.

The special features and secrets hidden throughout the Pharaoh’s Pyramid will keep kids mesmerized and allow their imagination take them on an exciting journey.