It’s tough to find a gift outside of the holiday season that is a tried-and-true classic, but also feels more thoughtful than any old toy off the shelf.

Fat Brain Toys revamped one of its classic offerings: the Personalized Name Puzzle. The puzzle got a fresh update to the color palette, with brighter colors that make the names stand out from the beautiful wood base. The new palette is actually one of the best parts of the puzzle — it gives you the extra opportunity to use the puzzle as a piece of room décor, in addition to a play time staple.

The puzzle itself is high-quality and looks hand-crafted and personal. Fat Brain’s attention to quality also makes this puzzle a durable product, so if it’s not on display, it can definitely survive the toy box.

Fat Brain will customize your name puzzle, so if you have a less common name or spelling, it’s not a problem! (This is very important to me who couldn’t find an “Alison” souvenir in a gift shop when I was a kid to save my life. Not everyone spells it with two L’s, tourism industry!) It makes a very unique and personalized gift, and is also a timeless toy.

Designed for kids ages 2 and up, the letter pieces are rather large, so that small hands can complete the puzzle while working on their logic abilities, fine motor skills, letter recognition, name spelling, and early self esteem.

Pro tip: Fat Brain’s Personalized Name puzzle is made in their in-house workshop, so it ships quickly with a fast turnaround that gets it to you in time to give this cute personalized gift.

If you’re looking to get a classic gift that feels a bit more personal and thoughtful than usual, look no further than Fat Brain’s Personalized Name Puzzle.