There can never be too many good boys, in my professional opinion, regardless of if it’s a real doggo or a stuffed animal. Now that you can get a stuffed animal that can walk alongside its owner, we’re talking about a really good pup.

Peppy Pups, from TPF Toys, is a kid-powered stuffed animal that can walk with kids as they pull its leash. Designed for kids ages 2 and up, Peppy Pups encourage kids to take their pals with them as they are active and explore.

The body and the head of the pup are soft and cuddly, and there’s a bushy tail to match. The legs and the paws are what make these K-9 pals unique, however. The legs have a sturdy structure that also helps emulate movement when walked, and this is assisted by the paws, which are solid and have grips on the bottom to help the pup move across the floor.

Similar to a young pupper, Peppy Pups have a bit of a bounce to them when they walk. Warning: Watching the pup wiggle and waggle with every step will induce giggling because it’s extremely adorable; proceed with caution.

The Peppy Pups’ movements are even better whilst running. The bounce gets bouncier and the wiggles get wigglier. The ears, tongue, and tail spring along with the little whippersnapper as it moves.

Because the paws are hard, Peppy Pups are good to travel along with kids both indoors and outdoors. If a little dirt gets on them, it’s easy to wipe it clean. Once kids finish their laps around the living room with their pooch, Peppy Pups are huggable enough to snuggle up to at bedtime.

Between the soft plush and the ringing bell on the collar, Peppy Pups are a great companion to teach sensory skills. Adding the need for interaction by walking the dog with it makes Peppy Pups a great toy to encourage communication.