Bounce, swing, spin, and rock your socks off with Peppa and George.

Peppa Pig is known for her optimistic mindset and “peppy” (pun intended) outlook on life. She’s a pig who has been inspiring kids and adults to celebrate their family, friends, and the strength of their imaginations. Peppa’s Magical Parade, from Jazwares, is a fantastic way to teach kids about the joy of being with their friends and family while also bringing the magic of Peppa Pig to your home for hours of happiness and playtime.

The most eye-catching aspect of Peppa Pig’s Magical Parade is how colorful the boxes and parade pieces are. It’s a color palette that utilizes bright shades of blue, red, yellow, green, and purple straight out of Peppa Pig television cartoon. It embodies positivity and makes you happy just by looking at it. The face of the parade’s magic control wand is wrapped with a smiling illustration of Peppa, surrounded by music notes and shapes to add to the fun of her parade.

What happens when the parade is turned on sets it apart from other Peppa Pig toys. The magic wand control enables kids to lead the parade without any strings attached. With the simple press of a button on the wand’s handle, the parade floats come to life seemingly by magic. Each float either bounces, swings, spins, or rocks independently from the others, and combined they create an oinktastic experience for the user.

It’ll bring a smile to any young player as Peppa and her friends follow the magic wand while music lights up their travels. The train easily follows the wand, although it’s important to note that the train runs better when it has a clear path. The wand has a range of 4 feet, so don’t go running ahead of it or Peppa and friends will be left in the dust — not so magical.

There are lots of floats on which the included figures of Peppa and George can party. The floats in the parade include a bright blue steam train with bouncing smoke puffs at the front, as well as a spring-themed swing for Peppa and her friends to relax in, a spinning unicorn float with an umbrella to protect Peppa from the sun, and a rocking dino float with a toothy grin. Each float is covered in bright stickers and shapes that radiate the love and positivity of Peppa and her friends.

Peppa’s Magical Parade includes seven pieces: a Peppa Pig figure, a George Pig figure, a control wand, a train float, a flower float, a unicorn float, a dino float, and batteries for the train car. Although they are shown on the outside of the box, Miss Rabbit, Suzy Sheep, and Danny Dog are not included in the parade set. They are sold separately. If your kid loves the Peppa fig, then they can collect extra figures and toy sets (each sold separately) to add to the pigalicious fun.

The parade does its job in creating a magical experience for the player. The bright colors, happy music, and motion of the parade floats encourage you to throw yourself into the world of Peppa Pig and take part in a celebration of positivity.