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Happy World Oceans Day! As much as kids love the beach, they may not know much about protecting our oceans. Today is a great opportunity to teach them why it’s important to keep the ocean clean and how they can help do just that, whether that means recycling at home or helping clean up local beaches.

Peppa Pig is teaming up with the Cleaner Seas Project and Twinkl for educational activities that families can download and print out for instant enjoyment. The themed activities were crafted in partnership with Cleaner Seas Project, an organization that teaches people how to reduce pollution in the sea caused by microplastics, tiny bits of plastic that are found in dangerous quantities in water around the world, posing a threat to both sea life and human health. Parents can use the free Peppa Pig activities to teach kids about the work Cleaner Seas Project does, spiking their interest in the ocean and how to take care of it.

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Visit to access the free activities, including Peppa Pig coloring sheets, “I Spy” games, math activities, a tidy-up checklist, a “Spot the Difference” activity sheet, recycling games, a memory game, sequencing puzzles, bingo, and more.