PeppaPig_GoldenBootsJoin Peppa and her friends as they go on a wild chase after Mrs. Duck in Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots. The new DVD is part of a limited edition gift set by eOne that includes the DVD and a huggable Peppa Pig plush. The DVD features the 15-minute Peppa-sode “The Golden Boots,” along with nine additional five-minute episodes.

In the first episode, “The Golden Boots,” Peppa and her friends have fun jumping up and down in muddy puddles and making big splashes. The first rule in puddle jumping is—as told by Peppa—“if you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots.” Peppa Pig loves wearing her golden boots while she jumps in muddy puddles, but when she takes them off and leaves them outside, they catch Mrs. Duck’s eye and she walks away with them. Peppa and her friends chase Mrs. Duck on land, sea, and even in space to get the golden boots back in time for the puddle jumping competition.

Additionally, the DVD includes nine short Peppa-sodes, each of which last about five minutes. The splashing of muddy puddles continues when Kylie and her family visit Peppa and her family in “Kylie Kangaroo.” In “Shadows,” Peppa, George, and Rebecca Rabbit play monkey in the middle, with George in the middle trying to catch the shadow instead of the ball. This episode has a teaching moment when Peppa and her friends learn what a shadow is. The episode “Grampy Rabbit in Space,” is full of giggles as Grampy Rabbit loudly talks of his space adventures to Peppa and her class and loses his voice when he gets to the most exciting part. Doctor Brown Bear has to come to the classroom to give him medicine, and when his voice finally comes back, he yells so loud that he knocks the doctor over causing Peppa and her class to fall down laughing.

Additional episodes include “Horsey Twinkle Toes,” “Captain Daddy Dog,” “The Little Boat,” “Going Boating,” “Desert Island,” and “The Fish Pond.”

Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots DVD gift set is the perfect collection for any Peppa-loving preschooler, as it not only has 10 fun Peppa-sodes, but it also provides kids with a pal to watch them with: Peppa Pig herself.