Peppa Pig Sunny Vacation

It’s time for kids to grab their passports, pack their suitcases, and get ready to spend a special family holiday with Peppa Pig and her family. Peppa Pig Sunny Vacation, the newest DVD collection from eOne, is filled with adventures and lots of giggles and snorts.

The star of this DVD is a four-part special about Peppa’s vacation (or holiday, as they say in England). In the first part, “Flying on Holiday,” the Pig family gets ready for their trip. We don’t quite know where they’re going yet, but Peppa and her little brother George get overzealous while packing all of their toys. They each settle for only packing the important ones, and Peppa packs only one teddy bear and closes her suitcase (I could only dream of packing as light as Peppa Pig). We find out the Pig family is traveling to Italy in “The Holiday House.” Mummy Pig unpacks and we realize that she is the true Mary Poppins, pulling out winter clothes, plants, and even a desktop computer from her suitcase.

The special continues with “Holiday in the Sun,” where the Pig family explores the country, and Peppa sends a post card to her goldfish, Goldie. The series ends with “The End of the Holiday,” and Peppa comes back from her vacation excited to see her family, friends, and Goldie. She’s also delighted to be back in a rainy area—because the only thing better than muddy puddles are muddy puddles after you’ve been away from them for so long.

Along the way, Peppa and her family will make new friends, try authentic cuisine, and travel throughout the country. Kids will learn about being homesick, how to properly pack, see the sights and sounds of Italy, and how to not overfeed a goldfish (poor Goldie). Each episode is sprinkled with just enough humor and stand-out moments. For example, in “The Holiday House,” Peppa and George ask Daddy Pig if they’re going to get lost on their trip. He says no, only to find that the GPS only speaks Italian, and then turns it off.

The DVD is also jam-packed with eight other Peppa-sodes, all summer and outdoor themed, which are perfect for celebrating the last days of summer. Each episode lasts about five minutes, but the stories don’t seem rushed or short at all. Every episode has its own enchanting theme and charming storyline. In “Potato City,” Peppa and her friends go to a theme park, and Suzy Sheep asks the real question—”Why are there dinosaurs in Potato City?” Peppa finds a friend for Goldie in “The Aquarium;” learns how to play a new sport in “Basketball;” and picks out an anniversary present for her grandparents in “Mr. Fox’s Shop.”

Other episodes include “The New House,” “Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Park,” “Lost Keys,” and “The Sandpit.”

Kids will love going on a fun-filled trip with Peppa and her family. Summer vacation is all about making new friends, having new adventures, and playing outside, and that’s what Peppa Pig does best!