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Preschoolers learn through exploring, and nature provides them the perfect backdrop for adventure. The Peppa Pig: Seasons – Autumn and Winter app from Entertainment One (eOne) taps kids’ innate curiosity by allowing them to explore the changing seasons through an interactive digital experience.

Peppa Pig: Seasons – Autumn and Winter gives young Peppa Pig fans the chance to interact with the wonderful world of the CGI-animated series through familiar locations, characters, music, and dialogues within the app. The app comprises four fun-filled seasonal games, including fruit and vegetable picking, building a snowman, tobogganing down snowy hills, and environment (which is simply about shaking the leaves off a tree, or jumping in muddy puddles—Peppa’s favorite activity!).

SnowmanGame2endThe app is easy for preschoolers and toddlers, requiring simple taps to the touch screen to make fruits fall off a tree, or an easy swipe to ladle in some cake batter to stir and help make a cake.

It also provides kids with some creative options, such as what kind of snowman they want to build, or which character to engage with, or what yummy treat to make with their freshly picked fruits.

Kids will learn how to dress up in cold weather, and how they can still have fun playing outdoors despite the freezing cold weather. The games also teaches preschoolers how to lend a helping hand at home by participating in household chores.

The app offers vivid illustrations, which change with every new page kids swipe through. An elderly voice, just like a narrator, accompanies them through each scene, talking to the kids as if someone were reading a storybook aloud to them. After kids finish off each task or win a game, this voice congratulates them and offers them a special sticker, which they can add to their scrapbook.

The app also offers ample opportunity for interactive play. For example, sliding the thermometer up or down changes the temperature of the world inside the app, causing the winds to blow cold in lower temps, or the leaves to fall off the trees in the higher temperature. The app has its funny moments, too, like when kids choose to make a snowman modeled after Mr. Bull, it is Mister Bull who laughs the loudest.

Peppa Pig: Seasons – Autumn and Winter provides kids with fun, learning, and adventure. And just like a storybook, the illustrated world of Peppa and her friends offers plenty to fire up kids’ imaginations.