Toy Reviews 2016

There’s a few things I know and love about Peppa Pig: She enjoys spending her time playing dress up, she can’t get enough of jumping in muddy puddles, and she plays games whenever she has the chance. With the Peppa Pig Merry-Go-Round Game from TCG Toys, kids can take the entire Pig family on a make-believe trip to the carnival and play a game with them on a carousel.

This charming game is made up of three core pieces, plus additional characters and swings. Assembling the merry-go-round is super easy, and once it’s put together, the carousel is clearly durable and sturdy, with colors that are bright and inviting. The includes four Peppa Pig figures: Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig, each wearing his or her characters’ signature color shirt. Made specifically for this game, these figures have a hollow spot underneath that fits over the post in the carousel seat and no arms or legs. The hollow spot keeps them from zooming off the merry-go-round when it spins.

The actual game itself is a lot of fun and unpredictable with every spin. Geared toward younger Peppa Pig fans, two to four players pick characters and place them on a seat. Players take turns pressing down on the big red button spinner to hear a fun ding noise, which sounds like a bell of a bike, and set the carousel in motion. I was happily surprised at how fast the carousel spins! Once the ride comes to a stop, players can see where their pigs land. If a figure lands on the “Hop off!” space, then that player is out for the round. But, there’s a twist—eliminated players are not quite eliminated. If they place their figure outside the merry-go-round next to the space they think an empty swing will stop at next, then they can hop on again! In between turns, eliminated players are allowed to move to an empty swing or swap places with another player.

The game ends when only one Peppa Pig figure remains on the carousel. The rounds tend to be fast, which means kids will be eager to play again once they are eliminated from the game. Plus, this game is new and fun without using any tech elements, proving kids don’t necessarily need a screen to have a good time.

Not only is this a fun game, but kids can even abandon the rulebook and just spend hours spinning their favorite Peppa Pig characters on the ride. Kids can even engage their imaginations and play using extra figures from their other Peppa Pig play sets, and this merry-go-round can also add to any Peppa Pig collection.