There’s nothing like home sweet home, and now little ones can run home to Peppa Pig and her friends.

The Lights & Sounds Family Home, from Jazwares, lets kids be Peppa’s guest inside her home filled with fun features, giggles, and lots of oinks. The play set stands 22-inches tall, and has four different levels with seven rooms for kids to explore.

Kids can send Peppa, George, and Zoe Zebra from room to room, and after the adorable trio has had their share of fun for the day, they can go to sleep in their own beds. In addition to the three figures, the set also comes with accessories, including a telescope, a computer desk and a chair, a vanity, a single bed, bunk beds, a sofa, a fridge, and a dining table with two chairs.

Peppa’s home features seven different rooms, each with its own personality and purpose. On the ground level, the adorable pigs and their Zebra friend can lounge on the sofa in the living room, or quickly hop over to the adjacent kitchen to grab a bite to eat from the fridge. The second floor has a bathroom to wash up in before bedtime, and a room with bunk beds to its right. No fear, all three friends will have a little nook to cozy up in at night. On the third floor there is another room with an additional bed, and a spare room for Peppa and her pals to play games on the computer.

The house even has an attic located right above the third floor. Kids can pull the purple stairs down to climb into the attic from the spare room. Once in the attic, they can use the telescope to find the fluffiest cloud during the day, or they can star gaze during the night.

This four-story home also features light and sound effects to further enhance kids’ playtime experience. A house is not a home unless it has a prime muddy puddle spot, and little ones can rest assured because the front lawn has a muddy puddle that will make fun sound effects when Peppa or one of her pals plays in it on a rainy day. Additionally, when one of the adorable friends walks through the front door and steps on the doormat, he or she will activate light and sound effects inside the house.

Kids can let Peppa be their gracious host, and acquaint themselves with all the excitement packed inside the Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Family Home. With Peppa, George, and Zoey Zebra waiting to play, they’ll always be in good company.