The only thing Peppa Pig loves more than jumping in muddy puddles, playing games, and dressing up is going on vacation with her family. #Trust.

Peppa Pig’s Holiday Plane, from Jazwares, is an adorable toy plane for Peppa Pig and her friends to take off on an adventures whenever they need an escape (the todder life is hard). Now, kids’ destinations are only as limited as their imaginations.

The plane itself is white with a green stripe around it and red wings. The open windows lets kids peek inside while it’s en route to an exotic destination, and two of the windows feature adorable pictures of Peppa and George. The window to the cockpit is clear so kids can see the bunny pilot. But, kids can also flip down the pilot seat to give another figure control of the aircraft. My vote is for Mummy Pig because she is probably the most responsible.

Featuring a bunch of movable parts, the aircraft’s top opens to reveal seats, the wheels move, the stairs come down so the passengers can safely enter and exit the plane, and it even has a working cargo hold to store luggage. This play set also plays phrases such as, “I’m going on holiday!” and “Look, Teddy, we’re flying,” with the push of a button and sings Peppa’s “Flying High” song.

The plane also comes with Mummy Pig and Peppa Pig figures with their suitcases. Mummy Pig’s outfit is amped up with flowers on her usual orange dress, and Peppa Pig is stylish with an icon of a plane on her t-shirt and yellow heart-shaped sunglasses. With three seats inside of the vehicle, kids can use all of their favorite Peppa Pig figures for everyone to go on vacation.

This holiday plane guarantees snorts and giggles during playtime. Bon voyage!