PeppaPig_ColdWinterDayThere’s only one thing better than jumping in a muddy puddle, and that’s ice skating over a frozen one! Everyone’s favorite family of Brit Pigs from the Nick Jr. series are coming home with kids just in time for the holiday season.

Peppa Pig Cold Winter Day, a new DVD collection from eOne full of frosty Peppa-sodes, will warm kids’ hearts this winter.

In the first episode, “Cold Winter Day,” Peppa and George are bundled up in their hats, scarves, and mittens, ready for a fun filled day of play outside. Mummy and Daddy Pig are also ready to get in on the fun, donning their winter’s finest. Kids will go on a snow-filled adventure with the Pig family, as they slip, slide, and sled through the snowy day together.

The DVD includes 10 episodes, each of which lasts about five minutes—perfect for kiddos with short attention spans. In addition to “Cold Winter Day,” kids will love “Snow,” where Peppa and George have a snowball fight, make trails of footprints in the snow, and even build a snowman. The wintertime fun continues in “Ice Skating.” In this episode, Peppa learns the basics of ice skating from Mummy Pig after getting discouraged from falling over. Just remember: push, push, glide. Before long, Peppa’s a pro just like her friends, showing kids how easy it is to learn new things and keep a positive attitude.

Additional episodes include “Not Very Well,” “Thunderstorm,” “The Sleepy Princess,” “Bedtime,” “Swimming,” “Daddy Pig’s Office,” and “The Toy Cupboard.”

Peppa Pig Cold Winter Day is a flurry of feels full of laughs, snorts, and even a few tears—perfect for the winter season.