What toddler doesn’t perk up when they hear the familiar sound of Peppa Pig’s voice?

Kids who have seen every single episode of the animated series and who own every last Peppa Pig playset can get even more oinktastic content with brand new audio stories starring Peppa and her whole family.

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Hasbro is releasing a series of 10 audio stories based on some of the most popular Peppa Pig episodes. The titles include George’s New Dinosaur, Shake, Rattle & Bang, Mr. Bull’s New Road, Whistling, Nursery Rhymes, Secret Club, Pirate Treasure, Grandpa Pig’s Greenhouse, Noisy Night, and Bedtime Story.

The stories will debut today across multiple digital streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, Apple Music, and Spotify. They will launch in batches of two every two weeks.