Our favorite sassy, adventurous pig is going on vacation—and you can go with her.

The Peppa Pig Around the World DVD features the newest Peppasode, “Around the World with Peppa.” This Peppasode finds Peppa hanging out in the garden with her friends. She tells them that she’s spending the summer holidays in the park jumping in muddy puddles (v on brand). Her friends share their holiday plans as well, saying they’ll be going other places, such as the jungle, the mountains, the South Pole, and the desert.

Then Peppa, George, Mummy, and Daddy Pig head to the park to enjoy the beginning of the summer holidays. Unfortunately for this lovable family, their car breaks down—and thus their relaxing park day is thwarted. Lucky for them, Miss Rabbit swoops in with her Emergency Breakdown Service plane to help. Miss Rabbit has to be the bearer of bad news and discovers it’ll take awhile to fix the Pig family roadster, but graciously offers to lend them her airplane to go the park.

Let me take the time real quick to make it clear here how swag Miss Rabbit is: She let a family from her neighborhood casually borrow her own personal plane. Miss Rabbit, how do I get that life?

Instead of just going to the park, the plane lets the Pig family get swept off on an adventure all around the world—which, no offense to your original plans, Mummy and Daddy, but is a huge upgrade, tbh. On their adventures, the family meets up with Peppa’s friends in all the different locations they shouted out at the beginning, and of course, kids play games with Peppa along the way.

The “Around the World with Peppa” episode is a triple-length episode, so snorts of laughter and tons of adventure are a definite guarantee. However, if that’s not enough Peppa in your kid’s life (and it probably isn’t!), this DVD contains nine additional episodes as well, including The Tree House, Granddad Dog’s Garage, Mr. Potato Comes to Town, International Day, and more.