This wobbler brings musical whimsy to playtime. | Source: Hape/the Toy Insider

If your baby is beginning to crawl, then you’ll want this cheerful and colorful penguin! The Penguin Musical Wobbler from Hape is a great toy to stimulate the senses of babies and toddlers as they grow.

This pint-size penguin is about 4.5 inches wide by 5 inches tall and makes a great stocking stuffer, Easter basket filler, or a nice addition to a newborn baby basket gift. The iced blue, white, and orange coloring is cheerful — and the penguin’s smiling face entices little ones to interact with it. When they do, babies are rewarded with melodic sounds.

As tiny tots push the penguin, it also waddles and spins without falling down. As it wiggles, the soothing sounds are made from a natural bell from within. There are no batteries or lights. Many parents will appreciate the simplicity of play as a result. The bell is moderate in volume, so it doesn’t overstimulate and is suitable for those kids who are sensitive to sound.

The wobbling and the tinkling sounds encourage babies to move! Source: Hape

The cause-and-effect interaction rewards babies and toddlers during tummy time, crawling, and walking milestones. Grown-ups can place the penguin within the arms’ reach of babies and they’ll want to reach for the toy, and it rewards them to roll over. As babies begin to crawl, it wobbles away as they approach and the penguin encourages them to continue to crawl. To stimulate standing toddlers, set the penguin safely on a table. Toddlers then use their legs to stand and reach the toy, which improves muscle development for walking.

Grown-ups will appreciate the durable, kid-safe paint finish and solid, wood construction. It is easy to keep clean by wiping with a disinfectant wipe. As a result of its design and its development benefits, this penguin musical wobbler is a toy that can be passed down to the next sibling and beyond!