The Peek-A-Roo plush is part panda and part kangaroo! | Source: Spin Master/the Toy Insider

If your kids are paws-itively peppy for pandas or have a kindling for kangaroos, then they will love Peek-A-Roo from Spin Master!

Peek-a-Roo is part panda with a kangaroo component, too. Momma-Roo has a magical interactive pouch in the shape of a heart on her belly. When kids press her foot, the pouch wiggles! Kids can then pet, tickle, and bounce Momma-Roo to encourage Baby-Roo to reveal herself.

Kids can discover which baby-roo is hidden in the pouch! | Source: Spin Master

It’s initially exciting for kids to know which baby is revealed out of the box. With the Panda-Roo version, there are three possible pint-size baby pandas: Kids will discover whether they have Voilet-Roo, with a purple and white body with pink ears; Rosie-Roo, with a pink and white body with blue ears; or Bluebell-Roo, with a blue and white body with purple ears. In the Rainbow-Roo version, there are one of two babies, Sky or Ray, each with rainbow coloring and headband bows.

Each Peek-A-Roo plush has more than 150 sounds and actions! | Source: Spin Master

The play begins with more than 150 sounds and actions — and two main ways to play with this interactive plush. Kids can play with Momma-Roo, which affects Baby-Roo’s mood and how they play. For example, Baby-Roo may pop out of the pouch sleepy or ready to play. There are 10 different moods with adorable matching mood sound effects.

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Once Baby-Roo is out of the pouch, kids can play more than 10 games and songs with Momma-Roo and Baby, including a hide-and-seek game, a bouncing game, and more. Momma-Roo and Baby-Roo will sing songs together and as kids move Baby-Roo around Momma-Roo, they can change the harmony. This reviewer loved when the Momma-Roo had Baby-Roo in the pouch and rocked her to sleep with a sweet lullaby! All the feels!

What makes this a hot holiday toy is its play value. Even though kids may know which panda baby they now have, they can still reveal, play, interact, and engage with the momma and baby again and again – making this a hot toy long after the holidays, too!