PeanutsIn order to fully appreciate this awesome toy, I highly advise you listen to the Peanuts theme while you read this review.

Ready? Good.

To commemorate the release of The Peanuts Movie, Cra-Z-Art has released a line of Peanuts-themed Lite Brix building sets to bring the beloved cartoon characters to life. Kids can join Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, and all of their friends in different settings from throughout the comic strip, TV special, and movie cannon. Lite Brix not only let kids build, but they add in the power of bright glowing LED lights to give kids a unique construction experience.

The Flying Ace Snoopy set features Snoopy’s dog house, a small yard, and poseable Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Woodstock figures. Snoopy is wearing his flying cap and goggles, so he is ready to fly through Europe to defeat the Red Baron (and, for anyone who has seen the movie, rescue Fifi). The set comes with all of the building bricks to create Snoopy’s house, as well as a decal sheet and an LED battery pack to make his house glow like it never has before.

Lite Brix are easy to build and are compatible with other brick systems, and each set comes with an easy-to-understand instruction sheet. Building is fun and very rewarding, especially when you make it all light up at the end.

The Peanuts Lite Brix build sets come in six varieties. At the Peanuts lemonade stand, Lucy sells Charlie Brown a cup of lemonade and offers him some advice. The skating pond set features Lucy and Linus actually skating around a realistic pond and practicing their hockey skills. There is a baseball stadium (not football, because we all know how that ends for poor Charlie Brown) complete with stands for all of Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s fans. Snoopy’s brother Olaf shares his talents for flying and shows off his skills in his biplane set, and Sally and Schroeder show off their talents at the big school dance. Each set has its own unique features and vary in size and difficulty, so any Peanuts fan can find a set for them.

Disclaimer: If you actually listened to my advice and listened to the Peanuts theme this entire time, I can only assume you are now dancing like a Peanuts character. Don’t worry, we at The Toy Insider don’t judge.