Preschoolers are full of wonder and questions about the world around them. Parents can help foster that curiosity this fall with a new PBS Kids series, called Elinor Wonders Why.

The animated series encourages kids to explore the unknown by asking questions, figuring out answers, and learning about the natural world using science inquiry skills. The multiplatform series was created by cartoonist and robotics engineer, Jorge Cham, and physicist and educator, Daniel Whiteson, and is produced in partnership with Pipeline Studios.

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In the premiere episode, Elinor — the most curious bunny in Animal Town — plays hide-and-go-seek with her friends to learn how animals hide in nature, investigates a strange sound made by an owl to learn about fascinating nighttime creatures, makes “Backyard Soup” with vegetables from her family’s garden, and sells cupcakes by learning how flowers attract bees and applying those concepts to baking. When Elinor encounters something she doesn’t understand, she perseveres until she figures it out, learning something about nature’s inventions along the way. The series is full of quirky animal characters, each ready with a lesson about respecting others, the importance of diversity, caring for the environment, and working together to solve problems.

The series will debut nationwide on Monday, Sept, 7, on PBS stations, the PBS Kids 24/7 channel, and PBS Kids digital platforms.