PawPatrolHERO.lowPaw Patrol has been somewhat of an “underground” favorite new show with preschoolers. Lena, The Toy Insider Kid, says all the kids in her class watch the show, which airs every weekday on Nickelodeon in the U.S. The background: When trouble strikes Adventure Bay, these heroic pups are there to save the day, while learning lessons about friendship, safety, and teamwork.

This summer, Spin Master will roll out the very first Paw Patrol toys, and Lena and I were lucky enough to be among the first to play with them! After asking me 100 times if she could keep the toys while I removed them from their packaging, we got down to business. FYI, the packaging is parent-friendly. Most of the figures are simply held in with twist ties, and the vehicle packaging requires a simple twist and release to get them free.

The Paw Patrol Racers are simple free-wheeling vehicles that are available at a very affordable price. They are great for the youngest Paw Patrol fans (safe for kids ages 2 and up) and allow kids to create their own adventures using their imagination.

In every episode of Paw Patrol, the pups save the day with cool gadgets that pop out of their backpacks. Each of the Action Pack Pup with Badge figures have a push-button transforming backpack and a snap-on role-play badge for kids to wear. Lena wanted to wear all five badges, which you can see in the demo videos below.

Every Paw Patrol pup has a signature vehicle, such as Chase with his police car, and Marshall with his fire truck. Each comes with an articulated figure, which Lena thought was very important for playing with these vehicles. Each one also comes with an accessory, such as traffic cones or a moving ladder.

I predict that Paw Patrol On-a-Roll Marshall will be a favorite among Paw Patrol fans. When Marshall is placed in the driver’s seat, the trick propels forward with siren sounds and phrases from the show.

Another fan favorite will be the Real Talking Marshall plush. He stands 11 inches tall and says phrases from the show when you squeeze his sides or press his badge. His badge also lights up. Real Talking Chase will be available this fall.

Additional products will also be available from Spin Master, including soft 8-inch Pup Pals with embroidered eyes. Lena can’t wait to snuggle with them! “Then I’ll be the luckiest girl ever!”

PAW Patrol Pup Pals Skye.lowOverall, Lena loved playing with this line. Her main concern is that there are not enough toys based on Skye, the female pup. Hopefully the line will expand with more Skye toys down the road!

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