Air, land, and sea are no match for this rescue vehicle.

Thanks to Spin Master’s Paw Patrol Sub Patroller, kids ages 3 and embark on missions with Ryder and explore the deepest, darkest depths their imaginations have to offer. Included in the box is one Sub Patroller vehicle, two orange life rings, one sea scooter, and a set of instructions.

Like any rescue vehicle, adaptability is key. Luckily for kids, the Paw Patrol Sub Patroller can conquer both air and sea. Equipped with two sets of wings, young ones can pretend fly their sub through the sky, propel it through the ocean blue, and drive it on land thanks to three wheels at the sub’s base.When duty calls in the imaginary deep sea, little ones can transform their patroller into sub mode by folding up the back wings to form a set of propellers. Just don’t forget to put Ryder in the sealed cockpit first!

Kids can press down on the yellow button on top of the Sub Patroller to hear fun sounds, like beeping buttons, dolphin vocalizations, and speed effects. There’s even a flashing headlight at the front of the sub, giving kids just what they need to take their imaginary adventures to the next level. Once kids spot someone in need of rescue, they can use the life ring launcher at the top of the vehicle to blast one of their two plastic rings in their direction. In a much dire situation, kids can drop Ryder out of the cockpits trapdoor and use his handheld propeller to guide him towards the scene.

But Ryder can’t save the day all by himself. The Paw Patrol Sub Patroller has room for friends, so kids are encouraged to add their favorite Paw Patrol pups into vehicle’s cargo bay to help save the day.