Have a Ball (Pit) with Paw Patrol

Jakks.Fire Truck Playland

Just the thought of a ball pit ushers in memories of childhood and fun times at McDonalds and Chuck E Cheese, floundering around, pretending to swim, and hiding underneath the sea of plastic orbs with the intention of surprising your little brother, but more likely getting stepped on by some other kid first.

But as a parent, my immediate reaction to ball pits in public restaurants is “Ew, germs from strangers.” Thanks to Jakks Pacific, now kids can take all of the fun and playfulness of a ball pit right into the living room or backyard (and leave behind all of the gross stranger germs!). But, the magic geniuses at Jakks went one step further. The company’s latest Paw Patrol Fire Truck Playland is an inflatable ball pit modeled after Marshall’s fire truck from Paw Patrol.

This adorable ball pit is safe for kids ages 2 and up, and is perfect for Paw Patrol fans. It’s even big enough (approximately 46 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 37 inches high) to fit two little kids to play together. The Playland features images of the save-the-day pups, and kids can pretend to drive the fire truck on their next Paw Patrol mission. It comes with 50 soft flex balls, which—let’s be honest—kids are going to throw out of the fire truck simply because that’s what kids do. The good news is, these soft balls aren’t going to hurt if kids throw them at one another or at your furniture. The 50 balls it comes with basically cover the floor in a single layer, so I highly recommend purchasing an additional set of 100 balls (also sold by Jakks) to fill the ball pit a little more.

Perfect for preschoolers, the Paw Patrol Fire Truck Playland provides a great space for kids to have some fun—and I can tell you right now, the kids are probably going to want to do everything in there. They will bring other toys in there to play (great!). They will try to lay in the ball pit and watch TV (fine!). They will ask to have snacktime in their new favorite toy (denied!). I highly recommend that you keep food and drinks out of the ball pit (based solely on personal experience). They’re going to ask—I’m telling you! But seriously, mom to mom, #notworthit. I will note, that it is actually really easy to clean with mild soap and water in the event of spilled juice boxes or excessive animal cracker crumbs. Not to mention, you can deflate it and put it neatly in a closet for easy storage! #parentingwin.





Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific
MSRP: 49.99

8 Responses to “Have a Ball (Pit) with Paw Patrol”

  1. Russell

    I got this for my son for Christmas and the next day after I put it up it started falling apart first the back now the front maybe I got a bad one but thought I would make note of it I’d like to get it replaced but I did not keep the receipt or box so keep your stuff case this happens to you.

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  3. Hannah

    The link to purchase this DOES NOT work! Please check, May just be me.

  4. Jenni Cameron

    Would LOVE to be able to comment on how I like this item BUT I can’t even order it TO be able to comment. I followed the link from thetoyinsider.com and it said “file not found”
    PLS someone help. Desperate to find this item for my niece <3 any help would be appreciated.
    JenniCameron at Comcast dot net

    • U can’t buy it now for summer but it’s available in September wen summer is over that’s stupid,kids wants it for the summer


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