PAW Patrol ABC Block Truck | Source: Melissa & Doug

The PAW Patrol ABC Block Truck from Melissa & Doug is the perfect vehicle for learning and stacking until you can’t stack anymore!

The truck, designed for kids ages 3 and up, comes with 33 wooden blocks that come stacked on top of pegs on the bed of the truck. In the front of the eight-wheeler truck, kids can find wooden figures of helicopter navigator Skye, super spy dog Chase, and fire pup Marshall steering safely.

The blocks in this set all have a different design on each of their four faces: a color, a letter, or a portion of an image, waiting to be combined to create an image from the show or to spell out a new word. Kids can also detach the front of the truck — where Skye, Chase, and Marshall are — to have more space to move their blocks around on the back, which also features wheels so that it can roll on its own.

PAW Patrol ABC Block Truck | Source: Melissa & Doug

Kids can count aloud as they stack their favorite numbers or sound out new words that they create with the blocks, either on the back of the truck or anywhere that they can find space. There are plenty of images that kids can assemble, too, from a picture of Skye’s helicopter to a collage of green, yellow, blue, or red blocks. The different, puzzle-like combinations provide a challenge for kids, especially on their first few times playing with the toy. Then, of the best components of this toy is the fact that kids can wheel their awesome block designs around on the truck with ease when they want to show the rest of the family their work!


Playing with the ABC Truck also teaches kids fine motor, problem-solving, and storytelling skills. PAW Patrol fans can create a multitude of storylines, as well, either by putting the right blocks next to each to recreate scenes from the show or by using the figures and truck to make up their own new adventures.

The PAW Patrol ABC Block Truck offers endless options for creativity and is always ready to roll into a new learning mission!