This Farting Dog Will Be a Game Night Staple

Once upon time, there was a dog named Gass. He was full of farts, including spontaneous “oops it just slipped out” farts. His owner could never tell when Gass was going to let one rip. “Oh Gass, not again you stinky pup,” his owner would shout, holding his nose, trying not to faint from Gass’ pungent butt fumes.

Well folks, I have some good news and bad news. Good news: You can now bring Gass home! Bad news: You still won’t know when he’s going to flaunt his flatulence.

Scentos presents Pass Gass, a game of chance designed for the whole family. Players will test out their luck on the spinner to determine which of the three scent cartridges to load into the Gass the dog figure. Then players will take turns rolling the dice to find out how many times they must pump Gass’ tail.

This is the fun part—Gass can let out one of his signature “bet, you didn’t see this coming fools” farts at any moment while players pump his tail. Most pumps won’t produce a fart to build up the suspense. To make the game even more fun, Gass will make silly sounds throughout the gaming adventure.

Not every fart Gass lets out during a player’s turn will ruin lives/will to smell. The scent cartridges that players will load into Gass include: Sweet Treat, Old Leftovers, and Garbage Can. They are enclosed in small barrels that all look the same so players won’t know what scent they’re loading into Gass. If players get a whiff of Sweet Treat, consider them lucky. If players get a whiff of one the other two scents, not only do they have to endure a stinky smell, but they’ll also lose the game. It’s a lose-lose situation.

This fun farty party game is designed for kids ages 5 and up and accommodates two to four players. Only those who can withstand the fart should play.



Manufacturer: Scentos
MSRP: $24.99

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