Who wanna party, party, party in the elevator?

Anyone who’s danced along to the popular FUNnel Fam “Party in the Elevator” music video is going to get excited about the FGTeeV Party in the Elevator playset from Bonkers Toys, designed for kids ages 6 and up.

First, to set the party tone for this review, go ahead and hit play on the popular video that inspired this surprise-filled set:

Now that the music is blasting, let’s talk about this toy, which is part of the second wave of FGTeeV products from Bonkers! It comes, appropriately, in an elevator-shaped box (“Call me a hater but I don’t want no escalator!”) that is packed with surprises. There are three colors to choose from: green, orange, and blue. The color of the front panel will determine the color of the accessories inside.

The mostly blind-bag contents of the box fit into two categories: party supplies and FGTeeV collectibles. In the party supplies department, there are sunglasses, glow sticks, and snap-together necklaces from which kids can hang the glow sticks. All of these are all designed to look like the party-going kids’ accessories in the official music video.

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For collectibles, kids will discover a TV-headed figure that emits a UV light (aka a black light) when you press the button on top. This is a very intentional and smart design choice because the other two included figures — inspired by FGTeeV family members and characters — are neon! Kids will enjoy playing with the UV light and seeing how it makes the other figures glow in the dark. The set does not come with a checklist, so I am not sure how many figures there are to collect in all, but it is possible to discover a super-rare Funnel Boy figure.

Finally, the set includes a light-up button that plays part of the “Party in the Elevator” song when kids press it! It has a “50” in the center, representing the 50th floor that the kids party on in the video.

Put the accessories, glowing figures, and music button together, and kids have all the makings of a party. (Cup, drink, snacks, and DJ in the back are optional, but not included!) They can even set up the elevator container as a party space for their FGTeeV figures to enjoy. A pro tip: The UV-light figure comes inside a disco ball-shaped container. Be sure not to cut the thin plastic loop off the top of the disco ball — kids can use that it to hang the ball from a hook inside the elevator container!

While the glowsticks aren’t reusable, all other parts of the set are, which means it has lasting play value. I also appreciate the cohesive theme of the surprises that kids unbox, and that the set includes materials for an activity, too. The fact that everything fits nicely back into the elevator container after the party winds down is yet another bonus!

Overall, this set makes for a fun, at-home activity. Even though the song lyrics say “No grown-ups allowed, only kids in the crowd,” the whole family can join in on the Party in the Elevator fun (even if that party is actually in your living room).