Toy Reviews 2016

Natural nest-making abilities aside, most people can agree that birds everywhere deserve a wooden house of their own to call home, which is why Works of Ahhh…’s Paint Your Own Birdhouse woodworking kit is really a gift to birds—and young crafters—everywhere.

The kit, from MasterPieces Puzzle Co., comes already equipped with everything small nature lovers need to design the (bird)house of their dreams. With a cottage-like structure made of real wood; a set of five fast-drying, non-toxic acrylic paints; and two artist-quality paint brushes, the only thing kids need to provide is their own creativity! Also included: a stencil sheet for easy and creative shape painting; a sheet of cute, nature-themed stickers, including birds, leaves, bugs, and flowers; non-toxic varnish; and an instruction sheet that gives young painters some fun tips and tricks, such as telling them how to add texture, and how to blend, stipple, and splatter.

Toy Reviews 2016For added entertainment, download the bonus painting app (available via the App Store and Google Play). It lets young crafters plan their painted creations ahead of time by virtually mixing paint colors, trying out different stencils, and testing stickers. The app is also really cool because it lets young crafters try out all the same things with virtual models of Works of Ahhh…’s other wood kits. Not sure if you’re going to like a design? Try it out ahead of time using the app. No messy mess-ups involved!

This small birdhouse is an adorable addition to any yard, or it can work simply as a sweet and colorful home decoration. The small details add tons to the house’s overall look; the glued-on wooden cutouts of birds and flowers make the little cottage look garden-ready. The included paints come in bright, fun colors: blue, yellow, red, green, and white. The paint is good quality and it’s fun to play around and mix colors together to create tons of different shades.

The brushes included are super-thin, which is great for painting smaller details but not necessarily so great for impatient young artists. For younger kids, a larger paintbrush might be a better idea to speed things along.

This sweet birdhouse is the perfect way to encourage a budding love of crafting, woodworking, and art, and who knows? It may even inspire a new generation of birdwatchers.