Madame Purnell from Wave 1 | Source: Gund/the Toy Insider

Who says fashion dolls are the only toys that get to show off their style?

P.Lushes Pets from Gund are a brand-new collection of plush pups, kitties, and more that love to look their best. Each is made with stylish fabric, luxe finishes, and is inspired by the latest runway trends.

Wave two of the collection includes six characters to choose from: Cala Bassethound, Ella L’Phante, Valentina LaRuby, Pinkie Monroe, Audrey Park, and Dottie Woofington. There are also rare special-edition and limited-edition pups.

Ella La’Phante and Dottie Woofington | Source: Gund/the Toy Insider

These designer pets are full of attitude. Dottie loves tea — both drinking it and spilling it. She’s dressed for an afternoon tea party in Manchester where she’ll happily share the latest gossip. Ella is purple, plaid, and always looking for her next vacation spot. She features rose gold ears, hooves, and a matching glittery collar so she can stand out by the window seat. The others also each have their own personality that shines through their style.

Whichever fashionable pet kids choose, they’re sure to have the purr-fect fashion accessory.