Think you can name Michael Jackson’s top 10 greatest hits? Or 10 types of bears? Or 10 famous people or historical figures with the name “Tom?”

Hasbro’s Outburst turns making lists into a loud, fast-paced goodtime.

Players split into teams and one player chooses a card and reads the topic aloud. The other team then decides whether they’d like to pass or play. If they choose to play, they have 60 seconds to name as many of the top 10 answers associated with the topic as possible. A player from the opposing team uses the decoder to check off all of the correct guesses.

Each correct guess earns a point, and there’s even a chance to earn some bonus points, which can make or break the game. The first team to reach 60 points wins the game.

And of course, the fun and manic madness lies in the guessing. Teammates are all shouting over each other in an attempt to blurt out as many answers as possible, in hopes that some of them land in the top 10.


The game features 450 topics, ranging from historic people and geography, to pop culture and food. While some of the answers may be obvious, others will require some creative thinking. For example, “salty things” included popcorn, French fries, and ocean water, but also tears—which is a bit more outside the box.

Designed for players ages 16 and up, Outburst is best played in large groups, making it the perfect party game. The explosive nature of the game is a quick and easy icebreaker, resulting in raucous laughter and lots of “aww man!” moments when the missing answers no one could come up with are finally read aloud.

Gameplay takes about 30 minutes to play, leaving room for multiple rematches during your next game night. Despite the older age range, younger kids can engage in the list-making fun.

Great for teens, college kids, and adults alike, Outburst is a hilarious game that makes lists unexpectedly fun.