Tic-Tac-Toe is a classic paper and pencil game that’s ideal for passing time and stirring up some friendly competition. But if you’re like me, it always leaves you wanting more of a challenge and way (way) less ties.

Ideal for two to four players ages 8 and up, Spin Master’s Otrio is a new strategy board game that challenges kids to strategically pace big plastic rings, medium plastic rings, and small plastic pegs onto a wooden game board. And while it’s reminiscent of tic-tac-toe, it most definitely isn’t the same game. Consider it a more evolved form of the classic game, like what Major League Baseball is to Little League. Taking swings at triple-digit heaters versus bonking a few off the tee.Like tic-tac-toe, Otrio tests players in their ability to get three of their colored pieces in row before their opponent can do the same. The challenge stems from the different sized playing pieces, which give players the opportunity to get an Otrio in one of three ways. These include placing three same-sized and same-colored pieces (big, medium, or small) in a row, placing three same-color pieces in ascending or descending order, or placing three concentric same-color pieces in the same space. Confused? The image below should give you a better idea!Players take turns placing one piece on the board at a time. But what makes Otrio so challenging is that it forces players to think multiple moves ahead of their opponent(s) to win. Kids have to be offensive and defensive minded at the same time, especially when playing with four players. During the course of a single game, kids will have to decide whether to place a piece that furthers their pursuit for Otrio, or place a piece that delays their opponent from doing the same. And while kids can enjoy the game, adults will have just as much fun trying to outsmart each other at a future dinner party or game night.

So when tic-tac-toe is a no-go, Otrio is the way to go.