Micro Machines

The original Micro Machines are racing back into toy departments at Walmart and Target stores.

While the speed-talking commercials haven’t returned (not yet, anyway), Jazwares and Hasbro have resurrected the brand by giving a modern update to the popular miniature vehicles of the ’80s and ’90s. At the center of the collection is the Super Van City, an all-new version of the legendary playset. Super Van City opens up to showcase more than 20 play locations featuring a construction site, drag strip, a working bridge, skyscraper, and the ability to connect with other playsets.

Micro City Center

“Micro Machines is one of those collectible lines forever etched in pop culture and the minds of adults who adored them as kids,” says Jeremy Padawer, executive vice president and partner at Jazwares. “Not only will fans of the original Micro Machines love the updated collection, but now they’ll have the chance to introduce this iconic brand to their own kids as they connect and collect their Micro Machine universe together.”

Micro Machines are available as single blind packs, starter packs, world packs, and core playsets. Themes include racing, construction, farming, muscle cars, and more. Pick some up and get playing!