Your mini me can treat themselves to a marvelous mani with the Orbeez Spin and Soothe Hand Spa.

The Orbeez orbs start off hard and tiny, but add water and watch them grow into soft and squishy spheres. They’ll grow to more than 100 times their volume in just four hours. Kids often enjoy watching the globes grow in and of itself. Can’t wait? Parents can let the spheres swell overnight so kiddos don’t miss their mani in the morning.

Kids ages 5 and up will really enjoy the fact that the Orbeez hand spa from Maya Toys comes with 1,000 of these bold and beautiful balls. Toss half of them in the included spin bowl, then let the ultra-smooth spheres hydrate and massage. Due to the size of the bowl, only the littlest hands can be fully submerged in the spheres.

Orbeez Spin Soothe Hand Spa by Maya Toys

Finish off the pamper sesh by using the nail file for buffing, then add one of the 30 manicure stickers. To extend the play potential of this pampering product, supplement the stickers with kid-friendly polish and only use the stickers on select fingernails. Another tip? Parents can order more Orbeez for future use. Also, toss a pinch of salt in each Orbeez batch to extend the life of the spheres a smidge.

Once the fun is done, kids can enjoy Orbeez in other ways. Orbeez themselves are a great educational opportunity. Ask children what they think will happen when water is added to the beads. Will a certain color grow faster than the others? What happens a week after they have grown? Have kiddos write down adjectives on what they feel when touching the Orbeez.

Another idea: After using the Orbeez in the hand spa, place in a separate container. Add a few drops of essential oil and place next to a bedside or coffee table for an interesting and fragrant conversation piece.

The hand spa bowl can be used on its own, too. Older kids may want to use it for a more traditional mani experience with cuticle cream soaks. Instead of a mini mani, younger kids may find it’s a perfect pool for their mini figures and collectibles, or enjoy the bowl’s spinning action for other activities.

All in all, Orbeez Spin and Soothe Hand Spa can be perfect for a playdate and spectacular for a slumber party. Plus, it can offer alternative play possibilities if the luxury leisure has lost its luster.