ORB’s line of ORB Odditeez is going wild with Morphimals. These ever-changing toys are completely moldable and change their shape as kids play. Kids can take these fun creature collectibles anywhere they want, and enjoy tactile fun as they twist, pull, squish, and more.

Morphimals are available in a variety of super bright colors, including purple, pink, teal, green, and blue. And, kids can collect a variety of trendy and fun animals and creatures, including a unicorn, a sloth, a dinosaur, a monkey, and a zombie.

Morphimals are the kind of toy you need to feel to believe, much like their other Odditeez siblings. Kids will love to squeeze and squish them, cling them to smooth surfaces, twist their limbs in silly positions, and reshape their faces.

Perfect for kids ages 8 and up, kids can collect lots of Morphimals to create their own neon, squishy zoo. Morphimals also make the perfect companion, and kids can sit them on their shoulder or hang them from their wrists.

Kids are collectible crazy, and any toy that keeps their hands busy is a win. Morphimals’ larger, chunky size is totally unique, and kids will love discovering all the ways they can play with them. At just $9.99, Morphimals are totally affordable and provide lots of entertainment.

Morphimals are coming to Target at the end of July and are a must-have for any kids who love slime, squishies, and animals.