It’s sparkly, it’s stretchy, it’s scented — ORB Flowtonia is a true sensory sensation. 

Unlike any other compound, ORB Flowtonia is a stretchy substance full of sparkly fun. Flowtonia comes in four colors, including pink, purple, green, and blue. It has an incredible stretch and flows from solid to fluid with ease. Plus, it doesn’t break, crumble, or stick to your clothes or hands, meaning kids can enjoy squishy fun without the mess. 

ORB Flowtonia feels great and makes the perfect fidget toy, but kids can let their imaginations run wild because it also holds shape. Kids can use cookie cutters or molds, or create with Flowtonia by hand. In addition to the ORB Flowtonia blister packs, kids can also enjoy 1.5- or 3.3-pound buckets of Flowtonia, complete with castle molds for more intricate creations. 

ORB Flowtonia comes packaged in a resealable container, so kids have an easy place to store it when not in use. Kids can collect a rainbow of colors, or they can take their creativity a step further by mixing the colors together with lots of stretching and twisting.

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, ORB Flowtonia is a mesmerizing experience for people of any age. Soft and silky, it’s impossible to put down. It’s rare to find a compound with a delightful scent that’s not overwhelming, and parents will love that it doesn’t leave a trace on your table, carpet, or nearly any surface. 

ORB Flowtonia provides a simple, classic play experience with an elevated twist. Kids will love the glittering magic in each container.