Kids become veterinarians with Operation Pet Scan, a new game from Hasbro! A furry take on the beloved original Operation, kids ages 6 and up can help man’s best friend feel better in a fun and competitive way.

Cavity Sam’s dog, Rex, is down on his luck after eating a few items he definitely shouldn’t have. Players come to Rex’s rescue with this extraction-based game, designed for two or more players. 

The game comes with six items to place inside of Rex, including a stuffed animal and a pair of socks. After Rex eats all of the items, players take turns using a magnetic wand to pick up each piece and guide it all the way out of Rex so he can get back to eating dog food and not household objects. 

If a player goes astray while guiding the objects through the windy path — or if they drop the object altogether — a buzzer will sound, similar to the one in the original Operation game. This means the other players get their chance at operating. 

The magnet can be weak at first, making it difficult to grab and hold onto the elements inside of Rex’s stomach. However, this adds to the difficulty and fun of the game, extending gameplay as each player struggles, fails, and eventually succeeds in helping Rex clear his system. 

Once the magnet does attach to the desired item, it may become a bit easy for older players, resulting in shorter gameplay. To avoid this and to cater to multiple age groups, the game can be played two ways! For younger operators, place the game board flat for easier play and a greater chance for the magnet to grab onto the objects. For more advanced veterinarians, place the game upright vertically — players will have a trickier time guiding the items through Rex’s system without gravity on their side. 

Differing further from the original classic, Operation Pet Scan makes a variety of silly sounds sure to keep kids laughing during playtime. For families not afraid to laugh at something a little gross, press down on Rex’s nose for barks, gurgles, and farts. What else can you expect from a pup who just swallowed a pair of shorts?

Whoever can extract the most items without hearing a buzz wins the game and is the master veterinarian. Celebrate with your new furry friend before putting all of the elements back into Rex for a rematch!

This game is perfect for kids looking for a challenge and who love to laugh and get silly. Animal lovers will also enjoy the opportunity to help out a four-legged friend. Parents and kids can even play as a team if younger players need a little assistance attaching the item to the magnet. 

This fast-paced game can be played again and again with new challengers, new sounds to laugh with, and a new winner every time!