We live in a world filled with tech and distractions, so it’s easy to forget how much kids are filled with imagination. Some kids have fantastic ideas so unique they are practically bursting with originality. With fun storytelling, enchanting characters, and interactive elements, kids have the potential to dream up entirely new worlds full of wonder.

Opening Fairy Doors, from Cra-Z-Art, enhances kids’ imaginative experience and—quite literally–opens the door to a land filled with wishes and fantasy. Fairies? Check. Glitter? Check. Magic and imagination? Check, and check. All of these elements make this the ultimate fairy play set for kids.

Opening Fairy Doors allows kids to create a fairyland setup right in their bedrooms. The play sets come in three different colors for kids to choose from: blue, pink, and purple. Each set includes a realistic-looking door that attaches to the wall and opens and closes, plus additional accessories such as a window, a mailbox, a fence, fairy dust (OMG), and stickers. The pieces themselves are sturdy and high quality, and the stickers are colorful and fun. The window and door each show different scenes from the fairyland beyond, and each play set has its own scene. Although not intended to be the fairy kids are interacting with, the set also includes a plastic 2-D fairy, which lets kids know what their fairies look like and pretend that they’re always around!

Kids will probably be freaking out with excitement over this unique new play set, and I know they will have doe eyes once it’s all set up—it’s just so darn cute! Kids—or adults–simply place the included adhesive strips on the big pieces such as the door and the mailbox, and then stick them anywhere on the wall, like near the molding, or maybe up on a shelf.  Parents: Don’t worry. The adhesive strips easily come off the wall.

The sweetest part about this play set is that parents can also get in on the fun. The set comes with four letters and envelopes for kids to write teeny, tiny letters to their fairies, and then drop them off in the mailbox. Also, since it’s believed that fluttering fairies come out at night, kids can leave the fairy door open and sprinkle a pinch of magic dust and see if a fairy friend comes for a visit, and parents can leave a message in return to play along.

The set also comes with a small fold-out book that tells a magical fairy tale about the fairy from each play set. The stories dish out all the deets about where the fairy lives, where she gets her special power from, and what she does while the door is closed. For example, Meadow is the flowery fairy that lives in a garden with enchanted flowers and gets her powers from sparkling waterfalls. This set will bring imaginative play to any bedroom. After all, all you need in life is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust.