Cue the melodic ice cream truck chimes.

Designed for two to four players ages 4 and up, YULU’s Oops Scoops is a stacking game that challenges kids to stack plastic scoops of ice cream on top of “Oops” the ice cream cone. The object of the game is to stack the tallest tower of scoops without having it topple over.

To start a game of Oops Scoops, players should look for a large, flat surface to play on. A tabletop is ideal, but Oops Scoops can also be enjoyed on a hardwood floor or a living room carpet. Kids can even take it outside on the deck.

After spreading out all 12 ice cream scoops, the game begins. Starting with the youngest player, kids can take turns spinning the scoop spinner. This will determine how many scoops they’ll need to stack. Using the scooper, players can navigate to a scoop, press down on the lever, and carefully place it on top of the ice cream cone. This completes their turn. As the cone gets passed around, the stack will grow and become more unstable.

But like all anthropomorphic ice cream cones, “Oops” shivers when he gets cold. That means that “Oops” will shake at any given time during the game. This feature offers an exciting — and surprising — aspect to an already challenging task. Play continues until the tower of scoops topples over, and the player who causes the tower to fall is out of the game.

Kids can enjoy Oops Scoops at one of two difficulty levels, each of which are determined by the size of the opening on their base ice cream scoop. If players want a more difficult gameplay experience, they can opt for a base scoop with a wider opening at the top. The extra room will allow their scoop tower to wiggle more, making the game that much more challenging.