There’s a new cute group of colorful critters on the scene. They’re called Oonies—and they’re literally blowing up before our eyes.

Oonies, by Moose Toys, are tiny inflated animals friends that kids get to create themselves. From minuscule Oonies pellets, to an inflated Oonie friend, kids will love growing and decorating their Oonie pals. The Oonie Starter Pack gives kids everything they need to make their own Ooniverse.

At first sight, an Oonie may look like a balloon animal with glued on pieces. WRONG. Oonies are not balloons, or bubbles, but instead they’re air filled balls of amazing fun! Oonies are composed of a unique secret material—it’s a toy like no other.

Inflate a few Oonie pellets and then stick them together using the special Oonie connectors. Next, add some wings and Oonie eyes (which stick directly to the Oonies pellets; no connectors needed), and voila, an Oonie critter is born! No glue, no water, and no mess.

While Oonies may look very delicate, they’re pretty sturdy creatures. They won’t crumble or fall apart, unless you intentionally use maximum strength to pull them apart. But in rare occasions, typically during inflating, an Oonie may pop if too much air is pushed into it.

The Oonies Starter Pack includes an Oonies inflator, 36 colorful pellets (which can be inflated to different sizes),18 decorating bits (such as wings and tails), six display connectors, and 12 Oonie eyes—everything necessary to make some groovy Oonies. While kids are free to design their Oonies however they please, the instruction guide provides kids with some character inspo and ideas. Kids can attempt to build the Wall Crawler Oonie if they’re up for a challenge! But if kids are looking to switch up their play, they can play games with the inflated Oonies pellets instead of building creatures. Think: Bulls-eye, Connect Four, Spoon Races and more! After all, they’re magic balls of air with several ways to play!

To inflate an Oonie and start building a character is very easy. The easy-to-use Oonie inflator is completely safe and kids will be able to inflate an Oonie pellet in less than a minute after reading through the instructions. Kids can mix and match the Oonies pellets to create multicolored creatures or games. However, for children that have a tendency to put toys in their mouth, Oonies may not be ideal as the Starter Pack contains a myriad of tiny pieces. We recommend strictly adhering to the recommendation of ages 5 and up.

Ultimately, the Oonies Starter pack enables kids to be creative during the design process, while also allowing kids to engage in imaginative play once their Oonies are created.