Disney Pixar Onward Action Figures by Mattel

Disney and Pixar’s Onward (reviewed here) recently arrived in theaters, quickly becoming the No. 1 film in the country.

The story of two brothers on an epic quest to complete a magical spell to bring their father back to life for one day, Onward presents many characters and scenarios that could be considered “toyetic,” starting with Ian and Barley Lightfoot. For kids looking to create new adventures at home, Mattel‘s new collection of Onward action figures should do just the trick.

The initial assortment of 6-inch scale action figures brings Ian, Barley, and their dad, Wilden (sort of, but we’ll avoid spoilers) into the playroom.

Mattel Onward Action Figures

The core action figures feature multiple points-of-articulation (POA) and sculpts that accurately capture the characters as they appear on screen. Barley comes with his mighty sword, while Ian comes with his pet dragon Blazey and a wizard’s staff complete with a Phoenix Gem. Wilden comes with two of the troublemaking biker fairy sprites from the film.

All of the figures from this assortment are well-crafted and durable, which means that they should last through many adventures, though I do have a little concern that Wilden may wear out quicker. To mimic the floppiness of his appearance in the film, Wilden’s arms are made of a stretchy, rubbery material that could be stretched too far in the hands of an overly excited kid. He also intentionally breaks apart at the waist to appear “torso-only” as he does for much of the film.

Mattel Pixar Action Figures

While there are only three figures to start with, the Onward assortment is the first entry following last year’s Toy Story 4 collection into a bigger world of Pixar action figures that Mattel will begin releasing in the coming months. Eventually, kids will be able to populate their toy boxes with other characters from films such as Coco, Wall-E, Brave, Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, and the next Pixar film, Soul.

Additionally, families can be on the lookout for more Onward figures including … the Manticore!

Pixar Onward Manticore