Goal: $22,380
Funding Period: Until April 22
Creator: One Dear World

One Dear World promotes respect and diversity for kids with a new line of multicultural dolls. Created by a cultural diverse family, these dolls are aimed to teach kids to be inclusive.

The line includes 16 cuddly dolls, each from different in cultural and ethnicity groups. Each doll comes with details of its cultural background and a passport, as well as with removable clothes.

Four of the 16 diverse dolls from One Dear World are being offered through the Indiegogo campaign: Hope (African), Jun (Eastern Asian), Lee (European), and Parth (South Asian). These four characters are also the stars of the eBook as they explore London in a story highlighting both the iconic spots of the city as well as importance of environmental protection.

Indiegogo donations range from $6 to $3,100 and prizes include the eBook, paperback books, children’s and adult T-shirts, first edition dolls, complete sets of the dolls, and a weeklong vacation to London, Paris, Athens or Hong Kong.

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