JakksPacific.OlafALotWe all know Disney Frozen‘s Olaf is a pretty standup guy—or, well, Snowman—and Jakks Pacific’s Olaf-A-Lot contains a whole lot of Olaf’s ridiculously contagious personality packed into one great toy. He’s random, quirky, and totally kooky, and kids can play with him in multiple ways.

Altogether Olaf has more than 50 phrases, jokes, and sounds at his disposal, and kids can unlock them by pushing his nose in, taking off his head, and then turning his head upside down. While the toy is designed for kids ages 5 and up, the humor will certainly entertain kids (and adults) of all ages. Detach Olaf’s heads and kids may get a response such as, “For you, I’d fall to pieces anytime.” Or, press Olaf’s nose in and he’ll tell you a joke that may begin with, “What did the snowman say to the store customer?” Then, when kids quickly push in his nose again, Olaf will deliver the punchline, which in this case is, “Have an ICE day!” I know, riveting stuff here, folks.

In addition to Olaf’s never-ending comedy skit, he can be posed to either sit or stand, he has moveable stick arms, and his eyes cross every time kids push his nose in. He’s made of plastic, so I wouldn’t recommend snuggling with him because he’s the opposite of soft, but he’s a travel-friendly size so kids can take him on-the-go to share a few laughs with anyone who can use one. He also makes a great desk mate because he’s quiet when you want him to be and has the goofiest smile on his face which in turn makes me smile.

The thing that’s great about Olaf is that he is such a lovable character and he has that one-of-a-kind voice that’s is borderline annoying, but you totally can’t get enough of it (You know, like SpongeBob—and that laugh of his). Kids who are a fan of the movie and a fan of Olaf will get a real kick out Olaf-A-Lot whether he’s yelling, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, why is my butt upside down?,” or being really cute and exclaiming, “Look! I’m head over heels for you!”