AeroZippSome toys just beg to be taken outside, and the Aero Zipp, from OgoSport, definitely falls into that category. It features a two-piece plastic “arm” with a handle on one end, and a claw on the other. Kids ages 6 and up load one of the soft foam balls included with the Aero Zipp into the claw. Then, with a snapping motion, the ball—which is about the size of a golf ball—can launch up to 200-plus feet into the air.

It sounds simple, but there is a learning curve involved. The instructions recommend keeping one’s elbow high and facing forward, but that requires practice, and the smallest children may not have the patience for that. Meanwhile, depending on how you hold the Aero Zipp, as well as your arm motion, the claw can snap back and hit your hand/wrist. But this is more a matter of getting used to the toy, and once you master the basic motion, there are a number of cool trick throws to be learned. (Note: We’ve been informed by OgoSport that the tab in the elbow has another “throwing” position, in which the arm can pivot, but will not hit the user’s hand when they throw. Good to know!)

As I mentioned, the Aero Zipp is a toy that demands room to meet its potential. Living in New York City, open space is at a premium, but trust me, the foam balls are a lot easier to catch with the help of air friction and some bouncing—and if you have room for running. So grab your Aero Zipp (or multiple ones for friends), zip up your jacket (it’s still a little chilly here in the northeast), and get out there! Whenever you’re done, each Aero Zipp has a tab at the elbow that can snap into place to keep it from bending, so you can make a game out of picking up the balls, too!