Shout out to everyone who has piles of clothing growing larger and larger next to their bedroom mirror, more shoes than they can count, and an alarming number of #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) hashtags peppering their social media posts. Let us introduce you to the Off The Hook Style Dolls, from Spin Master, the fashion dolls that are perfect for any shopaholic-in-training.

The dolls look sort of like mannequins, with different skin tones including pale green and lilac. Each Off The Hook doll’s hairstyles, tops, bottoms, and shoes—literally—hook together! Kids can mix and match the pieces to personalize their girl from her hair down to her shoes, with six layers of customization. The doll’s torso and bottom half both have hooks on the top that look like clothing hangers so kids can swap out the pieces by sliding the hanger’s hook into place or pulling it out for an outfit change. It’s quick and easy to change up the outfits, making it all about creating fun #OOTDs.

The Off The Hook Dolls have names (meet Mila, Jenni, Vivian, Alexis, Naia, and Brooklyn), so kids can get to know the different characters, making it even more fun for them to grow their collections. There are currently three different collections: the Concert Collection with a rock-star theme (think lots of lightning bolt and star shapes, beanies, and combat boots), the Summer Vacay Collection (nautical stripes and florals), and the Spring Dance Collection (glitter, lots of glitter).

Kids can detach the doll’s head, torso, bottom half, and shoes to put together different creative outfits. Each doll has a different detachable hairstyle, such as pink pigtails with the ends dipped in blue glitter, or long flowing purple ombre locks. The hair is made of plastic, just like the rest of the doll, including most of the clothing. Some of the outfits have different textures added in, like a layer of glitter or a cloth skirt.

The dolls come with surprise elements for kids to unwrap and unbox. There are single packs priced at $7.99 that come with one Off The Hook Style Doll and two blind bags containing one extra top and one extra bottom. Some of the dolls include an accessory as well, such as a pair of star-shaped sunglasses, a nautical hat, or a bejeweled headband.

There’s also a double pack—called Off The Hook Style BFFS for $12.99—that comes with two dolls and four mystery accessories boxed up in mini shopping bags, shoe boxes, and hat boxes. There are three different sets for kids to choose from. Kids can open the boxes and reach inside to unwrap neatly folded tissue paper revealing accessories such as Mary-Jane platform shoes and cross-body bags.

The most deluxe toy in the line is the Off The Hook Style Studio for $19.99, which includes one doll, 17 pieces, and a wardrobe display to show off all the fashionable accessories. Kids can hang all the glam pieces that they’re not using on the hanging rods, which hold up to five tops and five bottoms for up to 10 fashion pieces. There are also shelves to display a collection of hairpieces, hats, handbags, sunglasses, and shoes, making the studio the perfect place to store the loose items.

Consider it my New Year’s Resolution to have a wardrobe as stylish and off the hook as these dolls!