Odd Pieces Turbo 3,000 Puzzle | Source: Odd Pieces

Have you ever been “puzzled” by a puzzle?

No, not because some pieces are the same color or shaped differently — because the finished puzzle looks totally different from the image on the box!

Take on that puzzling challenge with Odd Pieces, 1,000-piece mystery jigsaw puzzles that bring out the Clue sleuth in you. Each puzzle contains more than 30 hidden clues and a bigger mystery to solve, but it can only be revealed by connecting the pieces and finding the clues strewn throughout the set.

Odd Pieces Snack Attack Puzzle | Source: Odd Pieces

Currently in a Kickstarter phase, Odd Pieces carries three original jigsaw puzzle sets, each with its own unique artwork: Turbo 3,000, Beyond the Kelp, and Snack Attack. The latter is illustrated by Nho Huy Le, and depicts a whimsical “Woof High” where dogs are teachers and humans are students. Turbo 3,000 shows off the colorful, bubbly residents of Rugsville as illustrated by 3Land Studio, and Beyond the Kelp takes a dive under the sea with the creative direction of Juanpablo Castromora. Each completed puzzle is 27 inches long and 20 inches wide.

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The jigsaw puzzles include a short comic to introduce users to the world and characters in the set. The sets also come with treasure hunt clues and a secret ending envelope to help users piece together the puzzle and uncover the final mystery. Also included are artist fun facts and a limited-edition sticker pack featuring characters from the puzzle.

Odd Pieces launched a Kickstarter on June 8 and has yet to release its puzzles, which retail for $30 each. To follow updates about Odd Pieces and to support its Kickstarter campaign, click here.