Top Baby ToysBabies constantly learn and develop, from the moment they open their eyes in the morning, to the moment they fall asleep at night (if you are lucky enough to have a child who sleeps through the night!). Nurture Smart Mobile, from PlayAbility Toys, is a crib mobile that ensures babies are both stimulated and soothed before bedtime (or naptime).

More than 100 child life specialists came together to design this safe and dynamic crib mobile for babies up to 5 months old. The mobile helps develop sensory, visual, and cognitive skills; and features five soothing sounds, six visually stimulating images, a large domed mirror, and an easy-to-use button pad that offers up to an hour of interactive play. Plus, the mobile has a comforting nightlight that projects soft starlight images on the ceiling, which will soothe babies to sleep without hindering their sleep quality.


Top Baby ToysThe mobile features three rotating arms, each capped off with a different characters, including a bear, a fish, and a star, all of which feature bright and smiley faces to keep baby happy and engaged.  The arms stems from the circular dome mirror in the center, where baby can see his or her own face reflected back for more comforting fun.

What make this crib mobile stand out from most infant toys on the market are the different sounds it can generate. Parents and caregivers can choose from a heartbeat, white noise, ocean waves, a lullaby, and even classical music, depending on their preferences. With so many options, there’s surely something to soothe baby in the mix.

When it comes to infants, safety and sanitation are of paramount importance. Nurture Smart is a fully assembled product that has no lose parts that can fall into the crib. The mobile can easily attach to most cribs, and parents can pivot the adjustable arm for easy access to the baby. Plus, the mobile has no fabric or strings, so it doesn’t gather germs as easily as plush mobiles, and it can be disinfected in a flash with sanitary wipes or spray.

The mobile is intended for visual and sensory stimulation only, and should be removed when babies begin to grab, reach, and grasp. But until then, gone are the days when you needed a mobile, nightlight, projector, and sound machine—this baby has it all.