rainbowBeing I was afraid of the dark growing up, “Light’s out!” at bedtime was easily one of the most daunting phrases of my childhood. I would dart to my florescent night light that was perched perfectly in the corner of my room to scare the monsters inside of my head away. Once that small light illuminated my “ominous” pitched black room, I knew that my sweet dreams were only a few counting sheep away.

For growing children—OK I admit I am still somewhat afraid—it’s nearly impossible to have a restful night sleep while anxious about what may be lurking in the dark. Lights and soft sounds are an easy solution in soothing and comforting even the most restless youngster. The new In My Room Jr. line by Uncle Milton offers a collection of night time lights that hang on walls, equipped with remote control activation technology that produces soft sounds, and of course, a dim light.

With four installments designed for children of all ages—Mr. Happy Moon, Big Red Rocket, Sunny Smiles, and the Pretty Pretty Rainbow Room Light—this easy-to-mount wall light will help even the most frightened tyke conquer their fear of the invisible boogyman. I love that the lights come in a variety of colors and pictures. I know kids will feel like this light was made for them, making them even more cozy and secure in their own bed.

Set up only requires a few minutes and two AAA batteries (the rest is included), and the remote control will do the rest. Each product in the line comes with colorful lighting effects, soft sound effects that correspond with the particular image on the light, three modes (light with sound, light only, and sounds only), and high and low brightness levels.

Don’t let the young ones hide just because it is dark outside; Uncle Milton’s night lights will help soothe to bring on the ZzZz’s…

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