On your marks, get set, race!

Ideal for kids ages 8 and up, Toy State’s Nikko Air, Air Elite 115 Race Set lets kids master their skills with custom race tracks and superior flight technology. Included in the set are five bases, five flags to fly through, base connectors and flag connectors, the drone, and a remote control.Complete with four propellers, the Nikko Air Elite drone is ready to soar at up to speeds of 20 mph. The highly durable frame allows kids to crash with confidence, but it can also be easily removed when more experienced flyers want to take a risk.What makes this drone set so unique is its modular gate system, which allows kids to create custom race tracks that they can actually fly their drone through. Using flexible, plastic “flags” and the included connectors, drone enthusiasts can construct their very own gateways and checkpoints. When they’re ready, they can position them where they see fit and take flight indoors or outdoors.At first glance, Nikko’s controller is simple. But once kids get their hands on it, they’ll come to realize how advanced it really is. It features buttons for one-touch stunts, so pilots can perform funnel turns, 360-degree spins, and a variety of different flips and rolls with ease. Ideal for beginners, the controller also sports buttons that let kids launch, hover, and land with ease. There are even variable speeds so kids can graduate to more intense flying modes when they’re ready.And thanks to a free DRL Racing Simulator, kids can master their skills, practice their control, and master the basics to become the best drone pilot they can be.

The Nikko Air, Air Elite 115 Race Set is designed with kids in mind. With enough features to accommodate newbies, intermediates, and experts, everyone can enjoy the thrill of flying this drone.

**The Nikko Air, Air Elite 115 Race Set will be available this fall.